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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I-Ring (Indosat RingBackTone)

I-Ring (Indosat Ringbacktone)
For Indosat GSM Operators: Mentari - Matrix - IM3

Choose and apply ringbacktones (connection greeting tones)
in your handphone with this simple procedure:

Type an SMS:
SETi-ring code
and send it to phone number: 808

For song: Dewa - Sedang Ingin Bercinta (i-ring code: DEWA8)

Rates: (before tax 10%)
- Registration: Rp 5.500,-
- Song Selection: Rp 7.000,-
- I-Ring Subscription Renewal/Change: Rp 5.500,- per 30 days
(Your subscribed / selected I-Ring is for 30 days only)

To unsubscribe, type an SMS: UNREG
and send it to phone number: 808

For I-Ring song selection list, just visit this site:

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Valinka said...

hey, thanks! this blog helps so much..!

indr@ said...

OW... link ke blog aku kok ngilang ya??

bj vadis' fantasy novelblog


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