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Saturday, January 8, 2011

QWERTY Phones Gallery

QWERTY Phones - A New Trend!

Gallery of QWERTY Phones (update Nov 2009 archive)

Monday, January 3, 2011

vadisquotes nov-dec 2010

Tweet and Quote Archives - Vadis

starting from ground zero? at least it's better than someone who's in ground minus & thinks he's gotten anywhere.

i fear a mob of crazy monkeys more than #malaysiacheatlaser come, fellow countrymen! we must keep sportsmanship to the very end!

saya sumbang yel2: ee oa eo, laskar garuda maju tak gentar. ee oa eo, berjuang jayakan indonesia (dinyanyikan).

u must overcome all pressure, no matter how hard it is. that's what it takes to be a pro.

Merry Christmas for all, and may Lord Almighty watch over you like a sentinel on the wall.

Q: I wonder how Argus Filch managed to keep on the job guarding Castle Hogwarts? It's like the most boring job of all.
A:rumors said filch was paid 3 galleons per hour guarding hogwarts alone. that's why his name was filch, acronym of filthy rich.

Q: Well then, where is all the money? He doesn't seem rich at all.
A1: in gringotts, of course. and argus filch secretly donated a bit of his fortune to the world squib foundation. all rumors.
A2: paying for a quick course in magic and mrs. norris' beauty treatment.
A1: yeah, that too, lol.

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