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Monday, December 26, 2011

Rise of the Machine


inspired by russian communisium propaganda.

Wouldnt terminator 3 be much better with this as the poster?

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Full Review: iPhone 4S

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

latest applications for blackberry 2012

Aplikasi terbaru 2012
Lock For App 3.5.0

Capture It 2.4

X-Blocker Call Blocker 1.0

Rotation Lock (Touch) 2.0.2

Camera Mute 1.12

Photo Booth 2.4.5

Global Language Support for OS 6

Fonts Ultimate 2.8.0
Os6 :
Os5 :

Tunewiki Songs Lyric

Signal Emergency

Animated Screensavers 3.25

Kamus Offline 1.0


iPhone Theme for Blackberry

Playbook Theme for Blackberry

OS 7 Theme
9700/9780 OS6:
8900/96xx/9700 OS5:
9105/9670 OS6:
8520/9300 OS5:

Nature Sound Animals Ringtones

Ringtones for Blackberry

All Ringtones in OS 5 for OS 6

CCTV Lalu Lintas

CCTV Busway

Download Video Clip/Youtube via BB

Autotext for Blackberry

Autotext Backup

‎​200 Applications for BlackBerry

29 Best Free Games

Cek tagihan PLN
Cukup masukan ID Pelanggan anda, akan dgn mudah anda mengetahui tagihan listrik bulan ini

Thursday, December 1, 2011

vadis idle shots 2122011

Choco Bunny: Don't stare at me or I'll melt, you hottie, you...

The Bean and the Steel

Poor kitty :3

See the resemblance between these 3 movie posters?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So Grateful

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

tips ponsel dan keamanan anda

HAL YG JARANG DIKETAHUI ORANG... Semoga bermanfaat :

1. Nomor Darurat utk telepon genggam adlh 112. 
Jika anda sedang di daerah yg tdk menerima sinyal HP & perlu memanggil pertolongan, silahkan tekan 112, dan HP akan mencari otomatis network apapun yg ada utk menyambungkan nomor darurat bagi anda.
Dan yg menarik, nomor 112 dpt ditekan biarpun keypad dlm kondisi di lock.

2. Kunci mobil anda ketinggalan di dlm mobil? Anda memakai kunci remote?
Kalau kunci anda ketinggalan dlm mobil & remote cadangannya ada di rumah, anda sgera telpon orang rmh dgn HP, lalu dekatkan HP anda kurang lebih 30cm dari mobil & minta org rumah utk menekan tombol pembuka pd remote cadangan yg ada dirumah.
Pd waktu menekan tombol pembuka remote, minta org rmh mendekatkan remotenya ke telepon yang dipakainya. 

3. Battery cadangan darurat khusus NOKIA
Kalau baterai anda sdh sgt minim pdhal anda sedang menunggu telpon penting ato sedang butuh menelfon dlm kondisi darurat, tp karna telfon anda NOKIA... silahkan tekan *3370#, maka telpon anda otomatis restart & baterai akan bertambah 50%. 
Baterai cadangan ini akan terisi waktu anda mencharge HP anda. 

4. Tips untuk menge-Check keabsahan mobil/motor anda. (Jakarta area only)  
TKetik : contoh metro B86301O (no plat mobil anda) Kirim ke 1717, nanti akan ada balasan dari kepolisian mengenai data2 kendaraan anda, tips ini jg berguna untuk mengetahui data2 mobil bekas yg hendak anda akan beli. 

5. Jika anda sedang terancam jiwanya krna dirampok/ditodong seseorang utk mengeluarkan uang dari atm, maka anda bisa minta pertolongan diam2 dgn memberikan nomor pin scara terbalik, misal no asli pin anda 1254 input 4521 di atm maka mesin akan mengeluarkan uang anda juga tanda bahaya ke kantor polisi tanpa diketahui pencuri tsb.
Fasilitas ini tersedia di seluruh atm tapi hanya sedikit org yg tahu.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" Android Tablet Review

A video review of the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" Android tablet with Wi-Fi. The Galaxy Tab 10.1" runs Tegra CPU, Android 3.1 Honeycomb, has a 3 megapixel camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and Flash. This is the WiFI only version with 16GB, it also comes in 32 GB version.


Teddington's song from Show Me Show Me

Saturday, January 8, 2011

QWERTY Phones Gallery

QWERTY Phones - A New Trend!

Gallery of QWERTY Phones (update Nov 2009 archive)

Monday, January 3, 2011

vadisquotes nov-dec 2010

Tweet and Quote Archives - Vadis

starting from ground zero? at least it's better than someone who's in ground minus & thinks he's gotten anywhere.

i fear a mob of crazy monkeys more than #malaysiacheatlaser come, fellow countrymen! we must keep sportsmanship to the very end!

saya sumbang yel2: ee oa eo, laskar garuda maju tak gentar. ee oa eo, berjuang jayakan indonesia (dinyanyikan).

u must overcome all pressure, no matter how hard it is. that's what it takes to be a pro.

Merry Christmas for all, and may Lord Almighty watch over you like a sentinel on the wall.

Q: I wonder how Argus Filch managed to keep on the job guarding Castle Hogwarts? It's like the most boring job of all.
A:rumors said filch was paid 3 galleons per hour guarding hogwarts alone. that's why his name was filch, acronym of filthy rich.

Q: Well then, where is all the money? He doesn't seem rich at all.
A1: in gringotts, of course. and argus filch secretly donated a bit of his fortune to the world squib foundation. all rumors.
A2: paying for a quick course in magic and mrs. norris' beauty treatment.
A1: yeah, that too, lol.

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