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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nimbuzz Phone Software - Free calls, chat and more!

What is Nimbuzz?

Nimbuzz is free calls, chat and more!

Nimbuzz allows you to take your buddies mobile so you no longer have to sit behind a PC. All your IM communities are aggregated into a single contact list with icons indicating real-time “presence” - which contacts are online or offline and from which communities. Using the Internet connection of your mobile phone Nimbuzz lets you call, chat and more, with all your IM buddies for free from one integrated contact list.

Nimbuzz offers an all-in-one solution on the mobile phone, PC and Web, for calling, conference calling, instant messaging, group chat and chat rooms, and photo and file sending across multiple IM communities, including Skype, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Google Talk, Yahoo!, AIM, Jabber and ICQ, plus 23 social networks including Facebook and Myspace.

Welcome to Mobile Freedom!

Nimbuzz Mobile

Nimbuzz for the Mobile is a free all-in-one solution for Internet-enabled mobile phones that allows you to take your IM buddies with you -- wherever you go. Nimbuzz works on more than 500 handsets and with multiple messenger communities, including: Skype, MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo!, AIM and Jabber.

Nimbuzz Mobile features include:

  • Free mobile VoIP calling*
  • Free hybrid VoIP calling**
  • Free chat, group chat and chatrooms
  • Free file, photo and ringtone sharing
  • Free text messaging (within Nimbuzz)
  • Free voice messaging
  • Free online file gallery (unlimited storage)
  • Free phonebook backup and restore
  • Free "buzz" notifications (to get your buddies online!)
  • No subscriptions, no payments, no credits to purchase

* currently available for 92 Series 60 devices (including Nokia, Samsung, LG)

** international mobile calling at local dial-in cost - available in 50 countries

To download Nimbuzz Mobile, go to or visit from a PC or on your mobile phone.

Nimbuzz Widgets

Nimbuzz widgets may be posted and accessed on social network profile pages, in email signatures and from personal websites or blogs. The first such widget is the new six button Communicator, which lets friends from Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and 20 other social network sites reach you for free - directly on your mobile or PC from your profile page, email signature and website or blog.

Communicator functionality includes:

  • Free calls to Nimbuzz Mobile or PC
  • Free instant messaging
  • Free text messages
  • Free voice messages
  • Free file sending (photos, music, video and more)
  • Free "buzz" notifications (which alerts your "offline" friends that you would like to talk or chat with them)

Personal contact information is private and Nimbuzz users are able to control communiction preferences, including whether or not they wish to be reached and by whom. To download Nimbuzz widgets, visit or

Nimbuzz PC and Web

Nimbuzz is accessible via a PC client (dowload at and a limited Web client at Both products are being rigorously tested and improved. A Mac client is also currently under development.

Get Nimbuzz on your mobile phone

How do I get Nimbuzz on my mobile phone?

Via PC:

  • go to
  • select the mobile client
  • choose to receive an SMS with the download link in it
  • click on the download link in the SMS or just simply point your mobile browser to
  • choose your phone brand and type and download in the language of your choice
  • when Nimbuzz has been installed you can either sign-up or login

Via mobile phone:

  • point your mobile browser to
  • choose your mobile phone brand and press Next
  • select your mobile phone model and press Next
  • choose your language and click on Download

Nimbuzz works for most Internet-enabled mobile phones, so in other words, if you can browse the Internet on your mobile, you can use Nimbuzz. Should you still encounter an issue, please visit our forum

Which phones are supported by Nimbuzz on the mobile?

To use Nimbuzz, you need an Internet-enabled mobile with Internet access from your operator or via Wifi. We currently support more than 22 brands and over 500 models and are constantly adding support for new models. To check if we support your phone please click here.

If your phone isn’t listed, send us an e-mail to with containing the brand and model of your mobile phone. We will notify you as soon as we support your model.

How do I enable my phone for internet usage and Nimbuzz?

Most operators sell their mobile phones - direct and via retail - pre-configured for the services you contracted. However, in some cases default configurations do not allow 3rd party applications such as Nimbuzz to connect to the internet. Also, when you subscribe to a mobile data plan after you've bought the phone, you may need to do some settings yourself. What are the settings for my data plan?

I receive the error message: “Testing socket connection... Failed” or “Testing HTTP connection... Failed”. What to do next?

After you installed Nimbuzz on your mobile phone you have to test the connection.

If you receive this error message: “Testing socket connection...Failed, Testing HTTP connection...Failed” please go and check your data plan settings here and apply changes if needed. Please contact should you still not be able to pass the connection test.

How much does Nimbuzz cost?

All Nimbuzz products are free to download and use. Nimbuzz will never charge or bill for anything. Nimbuzz uses a data connection, and operator data costs will apply. We recommend that you use an unlimited (flat rate) data plan, which you can get from your operator.

Operator charges might apply using the Call feature. Nimbuzz offers two calling options.

Local Dial-In Call:

This option makes a call to a local fixed line number in your country, and then connects you. Your operator will only charge you for a local fixed line call (or deduct minutes as part of your monthly package). Nimbuzz won’t charge for anything. To check if Local Dial-In calling is available in your country, please click here.

Internet Call:

This option is completely free because it routes the call over the Internet. You need a 3G/UMTS or Wifi network to use this option.

Which Call Type is available for the Nimbuzz version on my mobile phone?

Java: Local Dial-In calling only. Do I have a Java mobile phone?

S60: Internet and local Dial-In calling. Do I have a S60 mobile phone?

Windows Mobile: Internet calling only. Do I have a Windows Mobile phone?

How can I use SIP calling?

We offer SIP calling in our S60 versions with third party SIP accounts.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a protocol used to establish, modify and terminate VOIP telephone calls. Using SIP, you can make cheap calls to a landline and regular mobile phones. With Nimbuzz SIP support, you can make Internet calls via the Nimbuzz Phonebook feature by adding any SIP provider you already use. Costs depend on your SIP provider rates.

SIP calling is mostly used to make cheap international calls. A list of SIP providers can be found here.

You can go to Options > Settings > SIP Accounts to register an account.
After that you can place VoIP calls via the Phonebook.

Get Nimbuzz on your PC

How do I get Nimbuzz on my PC?

  • go to
  • select the PC client for download
  • click on download and install it
  • sign-up or Sign-in with your existing Nimbuzz username and password
  • add your social communities to import your buddies into one list

Which Operating System does Nimbuzz support?

Nimbuzz can be downloaded for Windows XP and Windows Vista only. MAC and Linux versions are coming soon.

Account settings

How can I retrieve my password?

If you have lost your password and you have registered your email address you can request a password reset by clicking here.

On Nimbuzz mobile, you can request your account details by going to:
Settings > Account Settings > Registration > Forgot Password
If you have set your phone number you should receive a SMS with your details, including the password!

How can I change my password?

You can change your password online. Go to
Sign In > scroll down > select Settings > Change Password

On PC client, you can change your password by choosing:
File > Accounts Settings > Change Password.

How can I retrieve my username?

If you have lost your username and you have registered your email address you can request the username by clicking here.

On Nimbuzz mobile, you can request your account details by going to:
Settings > Account Settings > Registration > Forgot Password
If you have set your phone number you should receive a SMS with your details, including the username!

How can I change my phone number?

  • Mobile Phone - Go to: Menu > Settings > Account Settings > Phone Number
  • PC - Go to: File > Account Settings > Mobile Phone > write new phone number > press Change

How can I change my e-mail address?

  • Mobile Phone - Go to: Menu > Settings > Account Settings > E-mail address
  • PC - Go to: File > Account Settings > E-mail address > write the new one > press save account settings

Features on your mobile

How can I add a contact?

  • select Menu > Contacts > Add Contact
  • you can currently only add Nimbuzz and GTalk buddies


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